Fascinating [adjective]

Definition of Fascinating:

interesting, spellbinding

Synonyms of Fascinating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fascinating:

Sentence/Example of Fascinating:

With no dialogue, the narrative is minimalist and focused on survival, though there are fascinating connections between the monstrous world and the characters within it.

Two recent offerings transport readers into fascinating settings — and the first, in particular, features appealing characters, who are the true draw of any well-told tale.

That will be a fascinating area of inquiry at next week’s hearings.

He’s so fascinating that Steve Levitt brought him back for a second conversation.

To me, that’s where you get to people’s relationships playing out in a really fascinating way.

It’s a fascinating and timely discussion, and it starts right now.

The new data from Fit20 offers some fascinating insights on the former question, but shouldn’t be confused with the latter.

Another fascinating question, he said, is how knowledge spreads of hunting strategies and mutually understood signals.

I just found it fascinating to talk to people and find out how people think and what makes them work.

The thing about resilience that I find fascinating is that it’s really about breaking in order to bend, so there’s a real vulnerability inside of the word.