Attractive [adjective]

Definition of Attractive:

appealing, drawing attention

Opposite/Antonyms of Attractive:

Sentence/Example of Attractive:

“The numbers are potentially very attractive,” Halperin said, referring to the affiliate commissions available on many kinds of CBD products, which can range from $29 pain relief creams to $120 vials of oil.

For example, CTR relies on having an attractive snippet in search results.

I can close my eyes, but if I open them and look over at the other couple, then later there are lots of questions about whether or not I found the other man attractive and so on.

The interesting news this morning is that Goldman and Deutsche Bank both describe the pullback as “typical,” and that stocks look attractive once again.

It produces attractive logos for the entrepreneurs and also offers them tons of other customizable features for enhancing their logos as per their requirements.

The addition of Alibaba and Xiaomi to the HSI continue Hong Kong’s efforts to make its exchange more attractive to big tech companies.

As advertisers redirect spending from national, one-size-fits-all campaigns toward more targeted impression-based alternatives, ad-funded streaming services are looking more attractive.

If they stuck to these stances, however, then the marketplaces would be smaller than what they are now and potentially less attractive to advertisers.

Usually, in-app advertising tends to be the most attractive to advertisers with an app they want people to install, such as game developers.

Having exclusive original shows could make the streamer more attractive to potential subscribers, but it could upset the pay-TV providers that pay to distribute Discovery’s linear networks, per the report.