Inviting [adjective]

Definition of Inviting:

alluring, captivating

Synonyms of Inviting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inviting:

Sentence/Example of Inviting:

Here are her suggestions for creating an inviting holiday home.

Butterfield hypothesized that an Instagram Stories–like feature for companies may be more inviting to people who may be burned out on having to constantly attend video meetings.

“The first thing I saw was that if I did something wrong, I could commit a crime,” he said, which is the opposite of the goal of making voting an easier, more inviting experience.

Green comments are respectful, productive and inviting—even if they dispute a viewpoint.

This problem is simply stated, easily understood, and all too inviting.

Coldriver did not know there was such a thing as inviting patronage by skillful display.

The banks on the south side are wooded, and present an inviting aspect.

It is the noon meal, but the "dinner" does not look inviting: the pan is old and rusty; the smell of the soup excites suspicion.

But they soon discovered that his rooms were very comfortable and inviting, his whiskey and tobacco "above par."

But the distant mountains, and the little stream in the bottom of the valley, looked cool and inviting.