Accepting [verb]

Definition of Accepting:

receive something given physically

Synonyms of Accepting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accepting:

Sentence/Example of Accepting:

So, I tend to be a lot more tolerant, a little more accepting.

Many so-called "humming tones" are given for practice, but in accepting them observe whether the foregoing principle is obeyed.

If mistakes are made they happen rarely and the resources of the accepting houses are easily able to repair the damage.

Delay in accepting an application which is subject to approval does not effect an acceptance.

The women knit her a pair of stockings or a shawl, and the Queen delights them by accepting their presents.

The offering of free favour to man must imply the possibility of him, aided in some manner, accepting it.

She then espoused the second clerk, Berthier, in 1837, after having been on the point of accepting Lousteau.

This difficulty, in fact, is entirely cleared up by accepting the reading of the majority of the MSS.

Devoutly accepting the authority of Faith in the region of theology, he considered philosophy as based on perception.

Without going into the details of this correspondence, I will merely say that I ended by accepting her invitation to visit her.