Discard [verb]

Definition of Discard:

get rid of

Opposite/Antonyms of Discard:

Sentence/Example of Discard:

William, indeed, was not the man to discard an old friend for a new one.

The vote which required the King to discard them merely because they were what he himself was seemed to him a personal affront.

He would discard any doctrine which, logically carried out, led to absurdity.

"Yes; she was too genuinely a lady to encourage his suit, then discard him at the last moment," he concluded, despondently.

Here you are, slouchin' around without a dressin' jacket er slippers en talkin' 'bout an ole song that's in the discard.

They would, if they could, discard the bonds which unite them with England.

If you cannot find a place where they seem to fit in, discard them.

May I ask, would you, if you discovered that Mr. Vincent had a Virginia, discard him for ever from your thoughts?

Can we wonder that she wishes to discard a name which awakened such recollections, and only recalled the dream of happiness?

An age and a religious faith which discards the cloister, should discard a cloisteral fashion, wherever it exists.