Desert [adjective]

Definition of Desert:

barren, uncultivated

Synonyms of Desert:

Opposite/Antonyms of Desert:

Sentence/Example of Desert:

Matthews calls the Yakima Valley site in Washington state “desert in the shadow of Mount Rainier.”

By late March, when ski season would normally be in full swing, hotels were empty, streets deserted.

It was hard to miss the dramatic, toothy peaks that spike up in the middle of the Nevada desert just south of that route.

State government officials have not lifted the mandate that would allow them to open indoors, so they decided to take their operation outside — into the desert.

Earth is thought to have been born in an interplanetary desert, too close to the sun for water ice to survive.

The need for social distancing amid an increasing number of Covid-19 cases has kept that streets and markets nearly as deserted as they were during the nationwide lockdown.

Early on, we took an 11-mile walk around the then-deserted Mall.

Having plants on a stretch of land brings its temperature down and helps stop soil erosion, meaning Desert Control’s solution, if widely implemented, would truly, well, control the desert.

Eerily similar photographs of masked faces, PPE-clad front-line workers and deserted downtowns emerged from every corner of the world.

Go awkwardly, bravely to places where we are sure to meet someone unlike us—a tropical island, a desert pueblo, or across town.