Fertile [adjective]

Definition of Fertile:

ready to bear, produce

Opposite/Antonyms of Fertile:

Sentence/Example of Fertile:

By this time, post-transactional activity was very fertile ground for Google.

What they have hit is the world’s most theoretically fertile dead end.

The app will show them the dates for your past, current, and predicted periods, fertile windows, and PMS.

With 600,000 infections, South Africa has become a fertile testing ground for vaccines.

SpaceX’s fundraising comes during a fertile period, both for the Tesla sister company and capital markets more broadly.

On certain of the stems the fertile cone appears and the spores are ripened about June, after which the process withers.

San Antonio de Bexar lies in a fertile and well-irrigated valley, stretching westward from the river Salado.

The habitations of the poor are less wretched than those of Italy, but not equal to those of the fertile portion of Switzerland.

For most of the way the country is flat and fertile, and in good part devoted to Grazing, though considerable Wheat is grown.

It is not quite so level nor so perfectly cultivated as central Belgium, but is generally fertile and promises fairly.