Sparse [adjective]

Definition of Sparse:

very few and scattered

Synonyms of Sparse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sparse:

Sentence/Example of Sparse:

Most neural circuits employ what’s called “sparse coding,” in that only a handful of neurons, when stimulated in a way that mimics natural firing, can artificially trigger visual or olfactory sensations.

At the time, it was growing clear that sales of the iPhone — Apple’s biggest money maker — were destined to slow down as innovations grew sparse and consumers kept their old devices for longer.

When this energy field eventually grows sparse, the cosmos starts to gently deflate.

The data, delivered via news release like that from numerous other companies rushing to show progress, had not been peer-reviewed and other details about the company’s DNA-based vaccine were sparse.

When food is distributed in sparse patches that can regenerate quickly and an animal has no sensory guidance to where the food is, Lévy walks are the mathematically optimal search strategy for blindly discovering a meal.