Plentiful [adjective]

Definition of Plentiful:


Opposite/Antonyms of Plentiful:

Sentence/Example of Plentiful:

God knows, he'll find that ain't so plentiful, but he's got the right idea.

And after that a plentiful application of soothing liniment.

He emptied the cistern, and cleansed it, with plentiful washings.

Her hair was soft and plentiful, and her hands were fine, strong, and sensitive.

There's been ruunin' back and forrad, an' a plentiful deal of language used.

Minestrone is a favourite dish in Lombardy when vegetables are plentiful.

The harvest has been abundant, corn is plentiful, and all go happily about their work.

His blame was plentiful; his praise so rare as to be almost an unknown quantity.

The consequence is, there is neither so plentiful a supply of these things, nor are they so good in quality as formerly.

It is not as plentiful as either of the others in our woods.