Inexhaustible [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Inexhaustible:

One day, when Aristide was discoursing on the inexhaustible subject of woman, I pulled him up.

His expletives were varied, vivid and inexhaustible, and the turbid stream was easily set flowing.

Bobby was unfurling some sort of a folded 185 paper which she had drawn from that inexhaustible pocket of hers.

Every time I pass through a grove in Brazil, I see new flowers and plants, and a richness of vegetation that seems inexhaustible.

The land is ours—there it lies with inexhaustible resources; let us go and possess it.

There should be within the heart inexhaustible sources of grief for certain losses.

It must exist in inexhaustible quantities, which is the only possible way for any substance to be omnipresent.

Hadria hinted that it was perhaps others who demanded of them what was possible only to inexhaustible nerves.

The natural history of these provinces would be an inexhaustible subject: the cursory traveller can only describe generally.

His disposition was amiable and generous, his good nature inexhaustible, his heart full of warm and humane feelings.