Finite [adjective]

Definition of Finite:

subject to limitations

Synonyms of Finite:

Opposite/Antonyms of Finite:

Sentence/Example of Finite:

Knowing that the time left with your parents is finite doesn’t take away the fact that they can be annoying.

To imitate finite excellence, is to aspire at excellence, even though but in part.

To follow these would be delightful and honouring; but would be to follow what is merely a copy, and only finite.

Its effects on creatures being finite, what is finite might these in some measure point out.

A spirit has no body; an infinite being is a being which is not finite; a perfect being is a being which is not imperfect.

What good to me is the favor of a being who, able to bestow upon me infinite good, does not even give me a finite one?

But can we possibly conceive that an infinite Being could unite himself with the finite nature of man?

Ergo et avarus erit, sed finite: adulter, verum habebit modum: et luxuriosus eodem modo.

Nothing which a created mortal can do is infinite; it is only finite: the infinite belongs to God alone.

A finite body cannot have an infinite power, as Aristotle proves, though we need not at present go into the details of his proof.