Specific [adjective]

Definition of Specific:

particular, distinguishing

Opposite/Antonyms of Specific:

Sentence/Example of Specific:

Food of specific sorts is rarely, if at all, mentioned in the poem.

Man-stealing was a specific offence, with its specific penalty.

Its kernel is very bitter, and it is said to be a specific against fevers.

The delirium of jealousy is a specific symptom of chronic alcoholism.

The specific name, "nasty" or "stinking," has really no application to the plant.

Both the generic and specific names refer to its many mouths.

The simplest scheme is to use only 1.400 specific gravity acid.

A brief discussion of specific gravity might be helpful at this point.

If the temperature is decreased to 67°F, the specific gravity will be 1.251.

With a specific gravity of 1.150, the electrolyte freezes at about 5° above zero.