Unambiguous [adjective]

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But where it appears not so large in bulk, and in shape so unambiguous, let its operation be still suspected.

It must be declared by unambiguous words, incapable of a double sense.

Well, many of us might wish for as unambiguous an origin nowadays.

The working of hypotheses is by no means simple and unambiguous.

This wisdom is likewise “without variance,” “unambiguous” (Moffatt).

"Explicit per Caxton" is the unambiguous statement of the colophon.

Secondly, such offers must be unambiguous and must be precise and clear.

However, the term capital is less definite and unambiguous, both in popular and in economic usage, than the word land.

The words need no "interpretation;" are capable of none; are as clear and unambiguous a proposition as language can frame.

To use gens thus is misleading, especially as 'totem kin' is adequate and unambiguous.