Obscure [adjective]

Definition of Obscure:

not easily understood

Opposite/Antonyms of Obscure:

Sentence/Example of Obscure:

Words are not more than tasteless drapery to obscure their lines.

It was about half-past eight, and the night had been obscure for some time.

We should not let the much that is to do obscure the much which has been done.

This was still an obscure question, to which, in her inexperience, she found no answer.

His parentage was obscure, and he was generally known only by his nickname of Professor.

And yet there is an obscure connection with Ormond, or his vision, if it was a vision.

How will it be with us, and with her, in the obscure distance?'

There was one in an obscure corner that I had not before observed.

Let us be jealous that the human shall not obscure the divine.

They are interassociated by laws that are obscure, yet which can be vaguely perceived.