Inscrutable [adjective]

Definition of Inscrutable:

hidden, mysterious; blank

Synonyms of Inscrutable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inscrutable:

Sentence/Example of Inscrutable:

The glowing world seemed peopled by tiny folk, living out their timid, inscrutable lives around him.

Each step he had taken in the inquiry only plunged him deeper and deeper into an inscrutable problem.

The young agent had a certain inscrutable air about him, for all his youth, which was most disturbing.

The latter glanced swiftly at Lechmere, but he could make nothing of the other's inscrutable face.

No one gave her any heed except as the Cousin girl walked by her several times, watching her with inscrutable eyes.

The Earl looked at his cousin now; inscrutable still, however, the veiled expression of his beautiful eyes.

The mystery of it all is a great and inscrutable one—the mystery of this poor unfortunate girl, greatest of all.

Peter Gross's face maintained an inscrutable calm, but he was thinking rapidly.

Was it for some such inscrutable purpose that men died by the hundred thousand in Europe?

Greta, a sunbeam entangled in her hair, regarded her with inscrutable, innocent eyes.