Unintelligible [adjective]

Definition of Unintelligible:

not understandable

Opposite/Antonyms of Unintelligible:

Sentence/Example of Unintelligible:

Evelyn made some incoherent response, unintelligible to Grace.

"All this is unintelligible to me," responded my guide, with indifference.

Let us now listen to a conversation which we hope will not be quite so unintelligible.

Every proposition, which is not true, is there confused and unintelligible.

My principle vindicates God from unintelligible abstractions.

It was all I could hear, save tantalizing, unintelligible murmurs.

From his slack jaws poured a constant whining of words, unintelligible.

They were not his sort; their standards for the measurement of things were unintelligible to him.

The words were unintelligible to him, but their import was unmistakable.

Except to men who, like Walpole, knew him intimately, he was all but unintelligible.