Equivocal [adjective]

Definition of Equivocal:

doubtful, uncertain

open to more than one interpretation; ambiguous.

(of a person) using ambiguous or evasive language.

uncertain or questionable in nature.

Opposite/Antonyms of Equivocal:

Sentence/Example of Equivocal:

There never was a more equivocal expression; and such as it was then it still is.

The whole public law of Europe had its origin in equivocal expressions, beginning with the Salique law.

The climate of these animals is not therefore, equivocal; but it is more difficult to determine the relative bulk of each species.

He was "sick at heart of the equivocal position," and determined to "go on in a clearer path."

Even at first their acts were equivocal, and they soon came to be as illegal as they were oppressive.

He found himself in a situation which to his conscience seemed equivocal.

It was a refusal couched in terms as little polite as they were equivocal.

I swallowed this equivocal compliment, nearly choking as I did so.

He wondered whether Captain Downs would marry the couple in such equivocal fashion.

He, the swindler, accused me of his own crime: the equivocal character of my uncle confirmed the charge.