Oblique [adjective]

Definition of Oblique:

slanting; at an angle

Synonyms of Oblique:

Opposite/Antonyms of Oblique:

Sentence/Example of Oblique:

This is an oblique way of saying that Marduk succeeded where Ea failed.

His Highness held the bottle at an oblique angle with the chandelier.

The launch, bathed in its oblique rays, could not lose sight of it.

They are tied so that they stand in a vertical or oblique position.

Oblique: any direction between perpendicular and horizontal.

She had that "oblique integrity" which she celebrates in one of her poems.

We crossed the stream, and commenced a gradual but oblique ascent of the spur.

But it was an oblique nod this time, and there was a sidelong look to match it.

A term sometimes applied to the oblique ascensions of the stars.

An obtuse angle is an oblique angle greater then a right angle.