Inclined [adjective]

Definition of Inclined:

having a preference

Synonyms of Inclined:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inclined:

Sentence/Example of Inclined:

As a reader, you’re naturally more inclined to stop scrolling and pay attention if there’s a compelling piece of multimedia to draw you in.

If you test a service you really like, you might find yourself inclined to go ahead and pay for it, which is exactly what the free trials are there for.

Obviously, few people are inclined, let alone feel comfortable, disclosing any disasters of their own making to the interested public.

Faced with school closures and a historically high unemployment rate, Lizotte said, many women could feel especially inclined to support a party that promises significant government support.

We sometimes are inclined to think, “Gee, these people are so silly or so stupid.”

The Marshals were inclined to attribute their disgrace to the ill-will of Berthier and not to the temper of Napoleon.

And he was inclined to believe that it was Grandfather Mole that was to blame for the scarcity of worms in the neighborhood.

Perry's arms fell gracefully to his side and he inclined his head and half closed his eyes in acknowledgment.

A number of the articles were used in the erection of Edgbaston Vestry Hall, where the curious may inspect them if so inclined.

Orlean was regarded as a fairly attractive woman; but her chin, unlike that of the one before him, was inclined to retreat.