Disposed [adjective]

Definition of Disposed:

inclined to a type of behavior

Synonyms of Disposed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disposed:

Sentence/Example of Disposed:

“And the matter of the will was all disposed of by the probate judge today, I hear,” said the judge, his hand on the door.

But once Austria was disposed of, Prussia and Russia met their punishment for having given her secret or open aid.

I am distinctly conscious of feeling more kindly disposed to that young man.

Our friend, Mr Allcraft, I am sorry to say, does not feel disposed to help us once more through the pressure.

The crowd disposed itself on the fringe of the sward, and the duellists went forward, and set about the preparations.

In the smoking-rooms of all the hotels and trains I talked with any one whom I found disposed to conversation.

Such traffic, since it did not benefit them, British planters were disposed to think must be bad for England.

His main body set about preparing food, and disposed themselves at ease, while parties went out to forage.

It is only disposed to require a pretty strong solution of silver, say thirty grains to the ounce of water.

The Committee at one time seemed disposed to put us off with little or nothing.