Predisposed [adjective]

Definition of Predisposed:

willing, inclined

Synonyms of Predisposed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Predisposed:

Sentence/Example of Predisposed:

On the other hand, the invert would have no influence on an individual who was not predisposed.

Had she not been predisposed to think her father in the right?

Protection of children about to enter industry but predisposed to tuberculosis.

A man who has bought a house with nothing to pay for it is also predisposed to clutch.

But no girl gets "outed," as you call it, unless she's predisposed that way.

His appearance was striking, and predisposed all in his favor.

No doubt it was late, but his excited state might have predisposed him in my favor.

He was rheumatic, asthmatic, predisposed to arterio-sclerosis and apoplexy.

Possibly also his mothers choleric temper may have predisposed him to it.

His children, as he believed, were predisposed to tuberculosis.