Eager [adjective]

Definition of Eager:

anxious, enthusiastic

Opposite/Antonyms of Eager:

Sentence/Example of Eager:

Still, many PE instructors said they’re eager to return to the gym and sports fields.

Whether you're eager for a half-hour session or a weekend-long binge, interested in a platformer or a twin-stick shooter, or playing on PC, Switch, Xbox, or PlayStation, our selection should have something worth your time.

Yet the rise of these agencies suggests that brands are finally eager to break into platforms like Twitch and into virtual, in-game universes in games like Fortnite.

He’s fine with it becoming something that can bring big profits to the companies eager to mine these data.

As a child, Wells read the newspaper to her father and his friends who were eager to vote and take advantage of opportunities as full citizens.

When the request was made in 2019, though, Housing Commission CEO Rick Gentry said he supported the proposal and was eager for the agency’s new policy team to get to work on it.

Computer prank inspired passionAfter her dad’s prank, Samaira was eager to learn coding tricks.

As he opens his hive boxes, gangs of eager honeybees swarm the tiny yellow feeding troughs oozing with sweet liquid.

She was about 26 years old and eager to launch a career in the corporate world.

As much as they were eager to mount a show of strength, mobilizing immediately could backfire and put people at risk.