Avid [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Avid:

Favorite books can be displayed vertically stacked in between, which makes this a great and thoughtful choice for avid readers.

Gellert, 48, is an avid climber and backcountry snowboarder who has ridden all over the world.

Previously, Johnson, an avid rock climber, had been vice president of technical outdoor for the company, leading groups that built products for everything from trail running to snowboarding.

Political scientist Salma Mousa of Stanford University, an avid soccer fan who grew up in the Middle East, wondered if the popular sport could bring those communities together.

The Sunday in late April that the avid runner became ill started like any other and included a seven-mile run.

The shout of approval showed how avid they were for some direct expression of their accumulated resentment.

The uneventful lives they led year after year made men and women alike avid for anything of the nature of news or incident.

The funny thing is that Wagner never renounced anything: to the end he was greedy, avid of life.

What a break-off, leaving the gasping reader in a state of choking suspense, of avid, ungratified curiosity!

There was a meagre, passionless dulness about the aspect, though at times it quickened into a kind of avid acuteness.