Apathetic [adjective]

Definition of Apathetic:

uncaring, disinterested

Synonyms of Apathetic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Apathetic:

Sentence/Example of Apathetic:

This would empower individuals to make thoughtful and informed decisions about their data privacy, versus the rushed and apathetic experience that accept cookies banners create.

I think what’s not robust is the idea that somehow people are apathetic.

He tried to console her, to amuse her, but what distraction could be found to appeal to that monstrously apathetic nature?

At the sound of the word divorce the apathetic old draper seemed to wake up.

How could the apathetic be awakened, the discouraged stimulated, the overworked rested and cheered?

But the mean, where it dwelt chiefly, was an apathetic fascination, partly of horror; as of Europa in mid ocean with her bull.

But the other men were less apathetic, and had followed the brave man to the door.

Mr. Peaslee, silent and immovable, watched her with apathetic eyes.

He apologized bluntly but heartily to Xenie, and she forgave with him an almost apathetic indifference.

Hawk, who was usually so calm and almost apathetic, walked the deck full of energy and excitement.