Untouched [adjective]

Definition of Untouched:

whole; not spoiled

Opposite/Antonyms of Untouched:

Sentence/Example of Untouched:

There she was, an untouched roll and chop on her plate, a cup of coffee by her side.

Not a man had moved among us; the body was untouched at our feet.

Glory gathered up the money, but left the "character" untouched.

When she returned to clear the cloth, the supper was untouched.

My own feelings were untouched, and hers I felt to be equally so.

The bear was untouched, but the fiery weapon had taught him discretion.

Their chief, only, motioned their violence back from her, and bade them leave her untouched.

Hillard still wore his evening clothes and the bed was untouched.

It seemed as if she always touched some chord in him untouched by others.

Earl, however, thanks to the "dirt" he despised so much was untouched.