Unstirred [adjective]

Definition of Unstirred:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unstirred:


Sentence/Example of Unstirred:

After that grinding, terrible cry, the stillness of the night was unstirred.

We were quiet, like everything around us, unstirred by a breath of wind.

Your hearts are, if you leave them unstirred, as tombs in which a god lies buried.

But Darrow's face was unstirred save by the flit of his half-amused smile.

Who shall write of problems of heredity and leave us unstirred?

The flakes of the storm were small and dry, and unstirred by any wind.

Nowadays one must search far up the Thames for an unstirred reach.

The heavy head did not lift and the attitude was unstirred, hopeless.

The world was stifling in a deluge of gray, cold mists, unstirred by a breath of air.

Violet is so gentle, so quiet and unstirred by what only a little while ago carried her captive into an enchanted realm.