Uncongenial [adjective]

Definition of Uncongenial:


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Sentence/Example of Uncongenial:

Mark Twain's position on the 'Call' was uncongenial from the start.

This is the kind of discord I have to bear, corresponding to your uncongenial company.

Stephanie could not refuse, though her errand was uncongenial.

They could not even realize their own plan of life in the midst of uncongenial mores.

Laura has no one but an uncongenial stepmother, and that is the reason we are so intimate.

The twentieth century is uncongenial to anything of that sort.

His private happiness was marred by an uncongenial marriage.

The few boarding houses were crowded, and with an uncongenial lot as a rule.

Queen Mab and the Owl found him uncongenial, and flew away again.

The whole production appears like a forced and uncongenial effort.