Congenial [adjective]

Definition of Congenial:

friendly, compatible

Opposite/Antonyms of Congenial:

Sentence/Example of Congenial:

This other by what seems a congenial activity, fascinating as a game of chess, acquires uncounted millions.

The Marshal found himself in the congenial position of absolute ruler of the richest provinces of Spain.

There he might yet live among men of his own race and degree, and of congenial beliefs and occupations.

The Austrian campaign of 1809 called him from these congenial labours to the even more congenial operations of war.

She, however, determined that no earthly power should induce her to marry him, unless she found in him a congenial spirit.

The soul, instinctively appreciative of beauty, will under the most adverse circumstances, evoke congenial visions.

In rejecting this system, she had no friend to conduct her to the warm, sheltered, and congenial retreats of evangelical piety.

His travelling companions were congenial, and his duties of the lightest—merely to give music lessons to young Shilovsky.

Again she went back to her pansies; the innocent pansies with their faint, pure breath were more congenial.

He renounces asceticism, and wanders to a spot more congenial to his changed views and condition.