Unkind [adjective]

Definition of Unkind:

not nice

Synonyms of Unkind:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unkind:

Sentence/Example of Unkind:

If you think that, ma'am, it's very cruel and unkind of you to send me away.

She did not wish to be unkind, but her one absorbing idea at this moment was of solitude.

It would be so unkind if she did not answer immediately: she must answer.

He thinks, though he has all honour for my mother, that she is unkind to us both.

I take it unkind of you that you have not so much as dipped ensign to me on leaving.

"I am sure nobody wishes to be unkind to you," she said, with embarrassment.

It will be unkind to poor Jack to hurry away from his grave so indecently.

All who wished to be unkind to her could find in it an occasion for hard sayings.

That cold, intellectual nature of hers would be just, if unkind.

It was an unkind thing to have said, and the lad rightly turned upon me.