Considerate [adjective]

Definition of Considerate:

respectful of others

Synonyms of Considerate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Considerate:

Sentence/Example of Considerate:

I am not afraid of being crushed, for no doubt you would always remember to be polite, if not considerate.

My chief was as kind and considerate as ever, and I confided to him the thoughts that disturbed me.

He received what she said with suitably impressed eyebrow and nods of considerate assent.

Conventional, polite, considerate, and a great respecter of persons in authority was the Chinese sage.

I think I can risk my case as to care and friendship with a man who is considerate to little bears.

The considerate sergeant thought this the most befitting place in which to deposit his prisoner until the moment of execution.

Perhaps I have not been kind to you, not quite considerate, too harsh; my boy, it was not for want of love.

Newton smiled his thanks to the considerate old pensioners, as they stumped out of the door, and left him alone with his father.

“Thanks, maiden, you are kind and considerate to an avowed poacher,” replied Edward.

He was flattered by the attentive and considerate manner of the greatest man in Europe.