Forbearing [adjective]

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It is only when the making of the vow would be at variance with the requirements of duty, that forbearing to vow would be no sin.

This day I did give my man Will a sound lesson about his forbearing to give us the respect due to a master and mistress.

Nevertheless, she was forbearing if not loving, and the people said rightly when they said she was admirable.

The next visit he was not quite so forbearing, yet still forbearing; and so on by sly gradations.

The painters were calm and forbearing, and scrupulously courteous to each other.

Philip had made up his mind to be forbearing, and to say no more about it.

And, admitting I had had that knowledge, Maria—can you imagine no good reason for my forbearing all allusion to the subject?

Mr. Bryany, as he removed his overcoat, could be seen politely forbearing to raise his eyebrows.

He is courteous and forbearing, and does not think that everything around him should be suited to his own peculiar fancies.

And the unconsciousness of the decorators is in itself a cause of pleasure to a mind generous, forbearing, and delicate.