Charitable [adjective]

Definition of Charitable:

giving, generous

Synonyms of Charitable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Charitable:

Sentence/Example of Charitable:

However, not all similar challenges that go viral have a charitable aspect.

The vast majority of charitable donors bring only good intent to their giving and board service.

Their lack of access to venture capital is well documented, but it turns out the charitable organizations and foundations that are supposed to lift up those who need it most are also operating with blinders on.

Corporations invested in charitable organizations as partners in new, creative ways.

The complaint details a multimillion-dollar charitable tax scheme where the synagogue would take in large amounts of money from donors, but secretly return a majority of it.

This allowed donors to claim large charitable contributions on their taxes.

Generally persons who associate for charitable or benevolent purposes do not regard themselves in a legal sense as partners.

Masonic lodges on the other hand, are generally regarded as charitable institutions.

Never by word or action notice the defects of another; be charitable, for all need charity.

He was charitable to the poor, gave large donations to religious societies, and rewarded those who wrote in his praise.