Altruistic [adjective]

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Evolutionary theorists argue that altruistic behavior is a survival trait, much like eating or having sex.

He essentially showed exactly what you predict, which is that people feel less warm toward people who are extremely moral and altruistic.

You have been altruistic, Dr. Marmion; I fear critical people would say that you meddled.

Their defender, however, after admitting their untruthfulness, explains that their lying is altruistic.

Afterwards, when he thought more deeply, he found a great hope in the very existence of all this altruistic enthusiasm.

You can trust them in anything, if your demand be for nothing extremely intelligent or absurdly altruistic.

But in order to strengthen his defence, he alleged reasons which could not be understood in an altruistic country.

In the same way sympathy and the altruistic feelings are supposed to have arisen.

Human love manifests many of the altruistic emotions during its course.

If there be any more altruistic act of any people in any age of the world's history I have failed to hear or read of it.