Benevolent [adjective]

Definition of Benevolent:

charitable, kind

Synonyms of Benevolent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Benevolent:

Sentence/Example of Benevolent:

He was learned, benevolent and pious, and author of several religious works.

His ambition is a purely selfish one, while mine is distinctly benevolent.

The bed threw a shadow on them both, but she could see his benevolent face, anxious and yet reassuring, rather clearly.

The Railway Benevolent Institution provided a rallying point.

Generally persons who associate for charitable or benevolent purposes do not regard themselves in a legal sense as partners.

He it was whose zeal and enthusiasm firmly established the Railway Benevolent as a great institution.

Surely this pitiable case ought to be brought to the attention of the Actors' Benevolent Association.

Louis was benevolent, but destitute of the decision of character requisite to hold the reins of government in so stormy a period.

Lady Selina was decidedly talented, very benevolent, unusually grave and serious, and extremely graceful.

An assistant in the benevolent work of Mme. de la Chanterie, he visited the needy sick whom she pointed out.