beneficent [adjective]

Definition of beneficent:

  • Doing good or causing good to be done; kindly in action or purpose.
  • Resulting in or promoting good.
  • generous in assistance to the poor

Synonyms of beneficent:

Opposite/Antonyms of beneficent:

Sentence/Example of beneficent:

The beneficent actions of the volunteers greatly improved the lives of the community members.

Her beneficent nature was evident in the way she always helped those in need.

The beneficent donor contributed a large sum to the children's hospital.

He was known for his beneficent attitude towards the less fortunate.

The charity relies on the beneficent support of the local businesses.

Their beneficent deeds earned them the respect and admiration of their peers.

The beneficent teacher went out of her way to provide extra help to struggling students.

They received a beneficent grant that enabled them to expand their services.

The beneficent organization provides free medical care to impoverished areas.

Her beneficent spirit was a beacon of hope for everyone around her.