Inconsiderate [adjective]

Definition of Inconsiderate:

insensitive to others

Synonyms of Inconsiderate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inconsiderate:

Sentence/Example of Inconsiderate:

In writing thus, I do not recommend a hard or inconsiderate system to servants.

Martha played the most inconsiderate pranks with its centre of gravity, but quite in vain.

Impossible to be so disrespectful to the Field Marshal or so inconsiderate to their department as to reject the soft impeachment.

But it would be unjust and inconsiderate to ascribe this want of productivity to the disposition called laziness.

And, should she have been inconsiderate, he will be celebrated for his generosity and forbearance.

And then—it was most inconsiderate, most painful to Mr Neeld—she began to cry.

There are publishers, however, so inconsiderate that they will not leave you even this consolation.

But it would seem the wary cockswain had a motive for this apparently inconsiderate desperation.

Her reflecting kindness may be recommended to the notice of the inconsiderate and unfeeling.

In this instance, however, Charles proved very inconsiderate of my Lady Castlemaine's state of health.