Intolerant [adjective]

Definition of Intolerant:

impatient, prejudiced

Opposite/Antonyms of Intolerant:

Sentence/Example of Intolerant:

Loeffler could also cast calls for her removal as Dream owner as a symptom of “cancel culture” intolerant of opposing views.

Whereas cheese is just a genderless, quirky enthusiasm that runs through everybody, it seems, except for people who are lactose intolerant, and I have more thoughts about that, and some people just don’t like cheese and that’s fine.

His abilities the most intolerant Tories were forced grudgingly to acknowledge.

The tumult and license which usually characterise a general election were more than ordinarily rampant and intolerant.

The notion of a tyrant God can create but abject, angry, quarrelsome, intolerant slaves.

The Portuguese are superstitious, and are devout up to a certain point, and the clerics are exceedingly intolerant.

To master with more certainty her understanding, they would render her austere, intolerant, and vindictive.

Sullenly he and his army withdrew, followed by thousands of the citizens, intolerant of Austrian rule.

In his political controversies, it must be confessed, his equanimity deserted him, and he is often intolerant and unfair.

It has been said and frequently repeated, parrot-wise, that Monsieur Ingres was intolerant and exclusive.