Irate [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Irate:

I stopped the elephant again and said to the man, "Why art thou irate when the evening is so cool, little man of the city?"

"I'll turn the hose on him as he goes out, if you don't mind," the irate mother exclaimed as she left the room.

So, too, those on the outer edge did not make any hostile movement when the irate instructor went through them with a rush.

The charge of the Light Brigade was surpassed by those irate Creoles.

One indulges him with the hero of the piece: the small, ugly, irate, snuffy quadruped before mentioned.

He had no more than struck, however, before the irate cowboy had him by the collar and had jerked the lad to his feet.

"It would serve you right if I washed my hands of you entirely," continued the irate spinster.

The irate owner searched in vain for his slave and even asked the fisherwoman if she had seen a weeping maiden.

And over his goggles the colonel looked pleadingly up into his visitor's irate features.

In vain did the Duke of Orleans endeavor to explain and convince his irate host that he intended no disrespect.