Provoked [adjective]

Definition of Provoked:


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Sentence/Example of Provoked:

I was provoked, and I married in hopes of provoking the man I loved.

We are apt to be fond of any body that will side with us, when oppressed or provoked.

I had no more fear, as every one had gone too far and provoked me too much.

But he was now determined not to be provoked by any thing I could say or look.

He was resolved to be all condescension, if anew you had not provoked him.

Would to Heaven I had not provoked it by my second letter to my aunt Hervey!

It provoked us to such a degree that we could not get over it.

If only he could have provoked Israel to anger he might have had his will of him.

John Storm laughed, and that provoked her to towering indignation.

She shook her head, but that only provoked him to fresh effort.