Mad [adjective]

Definition of Mad:

crazy, insane

Opposite/Antonyms of Mad:

Sentence/Example of Mad:

Then she won, and went half mad with the joy and excitement, but the joy didn't last long.

Mankind, mad with the energy of activity, would be seen to pursue the fleeing phantom of insatiable desire.

Irene's been down to the train to meet you three times and she's sure fighting mad by this time.

Your mad career generally ended in a crowd and a free fight of confetti.

Some who would face a mad bull coolly enough spring with disgust from a cockroach or a centipede.

So Planner spake, scarcely crediting his good fortune, and almost mad with joy at his deliverance.

You must pull yourself together or you'll go stark mad, and then you'll probably go and throw yourself over the Embankment.

It isnt due yet, Mr. Chumley, Jess said, undecided whether to get mad or to cry!

We do not blame the maniac who burns a house down and brains a policeman, nor the mad dog who bites a minor poet.

The man was raving mad, and the captain was obliged to have him bound hand and foot, and chained to the mast.