Unhinged [adjective]

Definition of Unhinged:


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Sentence/Example of Unhinged:

He unhinged the top half of his face to give me a private view.

The whole order of things is unhinged, and we are nearing chaos.

Sara's mouth had been gradually closing, but it unhinged again.

Society is unhinged, and every one is afraid to offer an opinion.

He examined the lock of the unhinged door, which had subsided on the floor.

Dora turned and faced him in amazement, fearing that his reason was unhinged.

If his brain was unhinged, who could say what wild impulse might seize him?

Moreover Sonia had said with good reason that her mind was unhinged.

Your nerves were unhinged and your knees were shaking and so were mine.

We shall not be distracted or unhinged by the thoughts and opinions of men.