Stable [adjective]

Definition of Stable:

constant, fixed; resistant

Opposite/Antonyms of Stable:

Sentence/Example of Stable:

The new mare and the dog-cart in charge of the stable lad were there, but no Dick.

"Give this to Mr. Ware," she said to the stable boy as she prepared to get into the dog-cart.

When Sidney saw the outline of the stable roof, she knew that it was dawn.

When I went to the stable to get him he wasn't worth much, Andy—he was dead.

She always turned in that cross manner from Shandy, the stable boy.

I shouldn't like to have horses in that man's stable—he's too good a trainer for me.

As the girl entered the stable, Mortimer sauntered on in the direction Mike had gone.

When they arrived at the stable Mike headed straight for the harness room.

Mike said nothing, but led the way to the back of the stable.

The Trainer pursued his investigation among the stable lads.