Equable [adjective]

Definition of Equable:

steady, calm

Synonyms of Equable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Equable:

Sentence/Example of Equable:

The care shown in rearing insures a perfect straightness of stem, and an equable diameter of about an inch or an inch and a half.

The warmth of the atmosphere in which you live will be always equable and genial, without tempests, without a possible squall.

The male then becomes inert; equable sharing of the expense of forces, just division of labour.

The Loud Concrete is simply the equable concrete uttered with greater fulness of breath and loudness of tone.

A medium rate of utterance is, with respect to time, the natural expression of an equable flow of thought.

His mind seemed to possess an equable warm temperature, a temperature that it seemed impossible to lower or raise.

Her conscience was now at peace; her spirits were real and equable, and never was her conversation so agreeable.

It is frequently stated, as a reason for its equable climate, that Scilly lies right in the course of the Gulf Stream.

Her unblushing excitement seemed further to annoy the usually equable Wilbur.

The more harmonious and equable the proportion of their union, the higher is the function resulting therefrom.