Orderly [adjective]

Definition of Orderly:

methodical, organized

Opposite/Antonyms of Orderly:

Sentence/Example of Orderly:

By common consent he was pre-eminently God-fearing, orderly and conscientious.

In the orderly transfer of power, we celebrate the unity that keeps us free.

"Then we'll say at three," she said calmly, and took an orderly and unflurried departure.

As long as there was an orderly sovereign, such as Henry II.

He had not seemed even to notice how orderly and freshened everything was.

She had been so neat and orderly about everything and had kept him so clean from a baby up.

His manner of demonstration was so orderly and neat and simple, that it was not easy to mistake him.

I was regular in my irregularities, and orderly in my disorders.

Compare them with the stern, orderly array of the trained battalions.

Like all growths it will have an orderly development and mature by slow degrees.