Misbehaving [verb]

Definition of Misbehaving:

act in inappropriate manner

Opposite/Antonyms of Misbehaving:



Sentence/Example of Misbehaving:

Having that in my favour I do not think that I was misbehaving to you in proposing to her.

That youngster of mine has not been misbehaving herself, I hope?

He knew, as well as did Mr. Waddle or Polly, that he was misbehaving himself.

Oh, it's the philosophers who have been misbehaving themselves?

They do so, they will tell you, to prevent pussy from misbehaving in the house.

She has been misbehaving herself, and we have noticed her pining away, in silence.

Yes; this bairn Anne, Mrs. Ross, as you see, has been misbehaving herself.

It struck her now all of a sudden that she had been misbehaving.

According to his idea the Marchioness was misbehaving herself.

I am pretty sure he has been misbehaving himself since he has been in college.