Misconduct [noun]

Definition of Misconduct:

bad or unethical behavior

Synonyms of Misconduct:

Opposite/Antonyms of Misconduct:

Sentence/Example of Misconduct:

The reason of this appears not to be owing to the country, but to their proceedings and misconduct in it.

We forgave all his misconduct, and my husband talked to him and implored him to amend.

All these women who misconduct themselves are pitiless and severe.

He considered his mother's misconduct a sufficient excuse for his own hard-heartedness.

Do not judge too severely in respect to the ordinary cases of misconduct in school.

He had no idea as he said this that by his own cruelty and his own misconduct he was driving her from him.

Divorce is only permitted for misconduct on the part of the wife.

He had been reprimanded the preceding day for some misconduct, and it was supposed that he had deserted.

He was elected for life by the tribal council, which could depose him for misconduct.

There must be evidence of misconduct, and in this case of cruelty or of desertion.