Misdoing [noun]

Definition of Misdoing:


Synonyms of Misdoing:

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Sentence/Example of Misdoing:

Henry's name does not occur at all in connexion with any disturbance or misdoing.

The tone was dry and short; it flung a challenge to misdoing.

And that problem of arranging life to his mind had been the source of all his misdoing.

She knew (and they had taken care that she should know) the full extent of her misdoing.

Some strand of our own misdoing is involved in every quarrel.

These were cases of misdoing which had occurred within the palace walls.

The habitants, in their blind way, blamed him for the consequences of their own misdoing.

For her, the evidence of my misdoing hung about me like an exhalation.

That he should put a false construction upon what was found was the least of his misdoing.

When Aunt Maria made her next visit they told her the story of their misdoing.