Insubordination [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Insubordination:

Exemplary punishment is to be visited upon me for "precocious godlessness, dangerous tendencies, and insubordination."

Evil and insubordination were more easily kept under than Norman had expected, when he first made up his mind to the struggle.

Mrs Pike cast a withering glance at Digby; such a piece of insubordination had not been met with for a long time to her authority.

It is the only instance I know of where insubordination saved any army from a surprise attack, and possibly from defeat.

They reckoned him their ablest general, though his insubordination and self-seeking rendered the loss of him an actual gain.

Blackford had, as a matter of fact, been threatened with expulsion lately for insubordination.

Roman vileness and baseness disgusted Augustine even more than Punic insubordination.

You are presuming to speak of an act of insubordination committed by a military officer under civilian command.

In less public utterances the spirit of insubordination to the regal authority made itself understood even more clearly.

In the regiments alluded to insubordination immediately showed itself, in at least one of them to a degree bordering on mutiny.