Insurrection [noun]

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Before the insurrection, people’s sense of security in the peaceful transfer of power and respect for election outcomes was so strong that the chipping away at the legitimacy of the results was maybe not viewed as seriously as it should have been.

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s Instagram Live post on the insurrection shows why we can’t just move on.

The short-lived insurrection was planned and executed in public.

It’s a wonder any of us were able to tear ourselves away from the news for long enough to watch anything else this month, which took America from insurrection to impeachment to the inauguration of our 46th President in the space of just two weeks.

More than 100 of those involved in the act of insurrection have also been arrested, itself a form of moderation.

For one, insurrection, sedition and violence in the streets is bad for business.

They could help choke off the lines of communication between a president and a nascent insurrection.

In addition, the FBI has identified more than 200 rioters who were part of the insurrection.

Some rioters were left to walk free for days afterwards, prompting online outrage over authorities’ lackluster response to the violent insurrection.

Yet these lessons were shockingly all ignored in the insurrection in Washington.