Riot [noun]

Definition of Riot:

uprising, disorder

Synonyms of Riot:

Opposite/Antonyms of Riot:

Sentence/Example of Riot:

The riot had now changed into open mutiny among these marshmen and miners.

This man was Hugh; and in every part of the riot, he was seen.

There was a riot in the streets; in one house the poison cup was ready.

I believe you'd raise a riot in the cemetry if you were dead, you would.

It were blasphemy to call this riot the desire for progress for the masses.

But no riot or verbal explosion followed the opening of the door.

If there's likely to be a riot let the Commissioner get his warrant—Heigho!

It was a relief to drown with laughter the riot going on within.

There's been a riot, and some civilian's got hold of an ato-projector.

Because we did not master the riot of our inventions and discoveries.